What is National Smooth Dancers?

National Smooth Dancers was founded in 1937 in Los Angeles to preserve ballroom dancing from the advent of
"jitterbug". Our purpose is to enhance social dance, promote competitive dance for those who so desire,
encourage new dancers and enjoy the art of dancing in fellowship of others who love to step to music. There
are currently seven chapters in California who network with the original Los Angeles Chapter. Fresno is the
newest chapter, formed in 1985.

Fresno has built a reputation for fun activities and group enthusiasm within our dance circle. Two of our special
events are formal dinner dances, the "Fantasy Ball", usually in February and the "Affair to Remember"
scheduled in August. We dance to live band or recorded music. We encourage all ages, 21 years and up,
single or married to join us as our guest, which is also a prerequisite to membership. The range of dancing is
varied from the true beginner to those who have danced for more years than they like to count.

We also honor our selected "Queen" each June with a Coronation Dinner Dance. The Queen is a special
ambassador who represents us at other chapter coronations and is an honorary position.  She is the chapter
hostess at all events. All chapters join in the coronation pageant, which is a formal dinner dance. The
coronation evening is an opportunity to meet other dancers in California and make new friends, which can last
a lifetime.

We have two other events that gather together all chapters and their members. One is a mini-convention held
in March, which is called "State Board" and is traditionally held in Bakersfield.  There is a minimum amount of
business conducted during the weekend by a few and a lot of dancing by many. The second main state activity
is the annual Convention, usually held the first weekend in September (Labor Day weekend) which gives us
three days to dance and rub elbows with our out of town dancing friends. Again, business is at a minimum, while
dining, partying, competition dancing, entertainment and dancing reign for those who attend. The convention is
for all chapters and is held in different cities each year. The present chapters are Fresno, Los Angeles,
Palomar, San Diego, San Fernando, San Francisco, Bakersfield and our near neighbor, Visalia.

The Fresno Chapter conducts monthly business meetings with officers that are elected annually.  Membership
is by invitation and approved by the chapter. Potential members must attend at least two of our functions and
be presented by an active member. New members are expected to support the chapter functions by taking a
turn with other members in planning and preparing special events.  This can include reservations, working with
the music committee, decorating and cleanup or taking a turn on the Board, serving as an officer.

There is a monthly dance practice "Tea Dance" held every month, usually on the third Sunday beginning at
2:00 p.m. There is a dance lesson followed at 3:00 p.m.by dancing and refreshments until 5:00 p.m.  Guests
are welcome and pay $1
5.00, members pay $10.00, except December.  In December our dance is a Christmas
catered dinner dance, by reservation only.

Annual dues are minimal (presently $
40.00) and paid on January 1st each year. Members receive a state
newsletter (Whispers), a chapter monthly newsletter (Smooth News) and a discounted rate on the Fresno
Chapter's black tie events. Best of all
, each member has the opportunity to make new friends, improve their
dancing and increase their joy of living in a very healthy lifestyle.